The Cheapest Courier to Germany and France

“What is the cheapest courier to Germany?” is surprisingly one of the most sought after question on the internet. With the globalization era upon us, sending parcels or documents to another country should not be something so surprising since international shipping has become one of the most common activities in this day and age. However, when we say surprising, we refer to the fact that a lot of people are still unaware of the myriad of options when it comes to international shipping.

Sending letters, documents and parcels to another country has become a relatively easy task these days. Gone were the days where we were limited by tough regulations and complex custom rules. Thanks to globalization, the rules and regulations have been made far less complicated, on top of that, we now have more options when it comes to delivery companies. But how many of those options are reliable and quote honest prices? Many of these companies tend to charge more than they should in the name of splendid service and reliability; but does cheap shipping fees always mean slow and unreliable service? No. CourierPoint are awares of the stigma, and happily proves otherwise.

For more than 16 years, CourierPoint has become the go-to alternative for those needing speedy and incredible service that does not cost an arm and a leg. It’s also known as the best courier that offers the cheapest delivery service to Germany, with £15.93 including VAT, you can rest assured your items will be delivered in a timely manner even to the remote village in the country! Not only that, CourierPoint also offers parcel delivery to France. With the same £15.93 including VAT starting prices, you can have your parcels weighing up to 1,000-kilos with the parcel length of up to 2.7-meters through its remarkable and reliable international courier service.

Tips for the Traveling Author

Your book is written, edited, published, and all of your relatives and friends have been informed. Right now you estimate everybody within your small universe is thumbing through the pages right this minute, admiring the cover art and complimenting your austere portrait on the back of the jacket. You’re working to get reviews in the local papers and industry magazines, and maybe you’ve contacted a few local bookstores for signings. You’re on the right track, but eventually you will need to consider putting in some travel time to promote and/or learn how to promote your work.

Depending upon your chosen genre, you may benefit from a number of annual writers and readers conventions held all over the country – some with static locales and others held in different cities each year. Mystery authors, for example, would do good to connect with readers and booksellers at Malice Domestic in DC and Bouchercon, the location of which varies. Romance authors should definitely attended the Romantic Times convention and select smaller conferences held by chapters of Romance Writers of America. Science fiction and fantasy writers may find new fans at the multitude of themed cons held around the United States.

Once you have decided to attend a convention, however, it is important to be prepared for whatever role you plan to play there. Whether you are attending as a featured author or panelist, a vendor of your own books, or are just going to soak up the atmosphere and take notes, applying some helpful travel tips can make your trip much more enjoyable. Here are just a few ways to reduce headaches and lighten your load as a traveling author.

Whenever possible, send material in advance

This is especially helpful if you plan to sign books at an event. If your publisher is unable to send books in your stead, or if the venue is unable to get them from their distributor (most events are done in conjunction with a bookstore in the area, so if they can’t get your book through their channels you will have to bring your own), you may be stuck with extra luggage. You can relieve the burden by arranging a package to be sent to your hotel or to the venue. Make sure all labels are clearly marked, and confirm with the convention with regards to sending materials so they don’t get lost or returned.

Cut costs with a roommate

While host hotels offer discount rates to convention goers, it may still prove costly for some to travel. Larger conventions may arrange for roommate options, so it may be to your advantage to go that route and save some money on lodging.

Always keep some material handy

The moment you leave the house, you have opportunity to promote yourself. Even if you pack everything, make sure to at least carry a pack of business cards with you to hand out at mixers and panels. If you’re on the plane and strike up a conversation with a passenger, why not hand out a few? You never know that the person sitting next to you is an avid reader.

Choose manageable promotional materials

If you check in luggage, you do run the risk of having your promo stuff bounced around a plane. Try to avoid bringing promotional items that may damage easily. Nothing glass or filled with liquid that might leak. If you have posters, make sure they are laminated or rolled tightly in a cardboard tube to avoid wrinkling. Candy may melt or spoil, so you might want to scout your venue for a nearby store so you can buy some fresh the day of the event.

Above all, talk to other authors who regularly attending conferences and learn from their experiences. Getting there is half the fun, and the last thing that should concern you at a conference is your luggage. Take care of the travel in advance, and focus on exposing your book for a successful conference trip.

Interview With Inventor and Patent Holder of the Air Channeler System For Trucks

Let’s face it every trucking company, distributor, army, or agency which has to move fuel, cargo, freight, people, or essentials from one place to another definitely needs fuel efficient transportation. And if you know much about aerodynamics once you get around 50 mph your co-efficient of drag curve goes hyperbolic. You need to have an aerodynamic truck and an aerodynamic trailer. But how can you design such a system without costing you space capacity or hampering your ease of use on the truck trailer?

Saving Fuel Using an Air Channeler Technique for Over the Road Trucks Considered

Not long ago, I had a discussion with Douglas Fairburn a supply chain innovator, inventor, and patent holder (US 6,561,575 B2 and US 6,692,066 B2) of the Air Channeler System, which redirects the air-pressure from the front of the trailer taking it through the trailer and distributing it out the back of the trailer where the slip-stream is chaotic and turbulent.

When discussion this with Douglas Fairburn he stated; “I designed an aerodynamic method of reducing the drag on tractors and trailers using ram air natural or passive base-bleed and have tried to introduce it to this industry for the last eight years.”

Very interesting I said and what have you found with regards to getting buyers of this product and innovation there in Texas where you have designed it? Douglas stated; “I have found that there has been more of a consensus to obtain political points and funding in this area than there is to provide a technically achievable solution to a problem that directly effects the environment and our natural resources.”

Fairburn suggests that “It’s all about reducing drag! Base-bleeding by natural ventilation uses the kinetic energy of the high pressure or wind resistance on the front or sides of a vehicle by directly connecting it to the low pressure area centrally located on the aft or rear of the vehicle via air channeling devices or venting tubes,” he goes on to state that; “Wind resistance and drag is reduced simultaneously as high pressure naturally seeks to equalize a low pressure region and as barometric pressure adjusts at the intake and outlet ends of the air channeling device, a global equalization of pressure around the surrounding surfaces of the vehicle is recognized.”

He tells me that by reducing the drag and wind at the same time it also improves handling, not to mention the significant gains in fuel mileage. And he has pictures to prove it on his website too. He stated that; “Base-bleeding by natural ventilation saves energy any time it is in motion as it requires no power sources, moving parts, preventive maintenance, driver intervention and does not interfere with loading dock or driving operations.”

But perhaps best of all he designed and innovated this system right here in the USA as he explains. The name of his company in San Antonio is “Truck It Services” and you can find them online. Just look up “Douglas Fairburn Truck it Services” and there is more explanation on the Internet. Now then, here is my take on Douglas’ innovation.

You see, I am the author of “Truck Technologies of the Future” and I agree with exactly what Douglas speaks of, in fact I dedicated an entire chapter to aerodynamics [if you look up my book online see page 118] to the topic of fuel economy. And, I’ve seen a couple of companies with cool designs and contemplated several myself actually; nothing compared to Douglas’ invention of course. I must say that I like his air-channeler concept, and note that this strategy is used on US Navy Attack Submarines, Russian high speed torpedo systems, and in aviation too. It is used in NASCAR, and Formula One Racing Cars. It makes perfect aerodynamic and fluid dynamic sense to me, or in any fluid whether under water, on top of the water, ground, or air.

Perhaps, Douglas ought to fill out the forms at the DOE, as there is money allotted for “exactly” what your designs promise! Maybe Fairburn could be the future, bettering the efforts of the Italian truck designer; Luigi Colani (what an interesting individual!). How about the military, convoy fuel is a real dilemma, they are into saving fuel big time, they have no choice, precious commodity.

Anyway, I can tell you this, I take many industry newsletters and have been VERY involved in the trucking industry TruckWashGuy [dot] com and RIGHT NOW, in the industry we have Swift going public, UPS blasting profits, and about half the trucking companies showing 40% + increases in revenues, as inventories are being replaced. Look at Werner this last quarter or FED EX outlook for the remainder of 2010.

Walmart needs this, look at their network, and FED EX ground. They have the money and know they need it. Also you have South Carolina busy building trucks, Eaton, Oshkosh, Volvo, Freightliner, etc, all taking orders for better and more fuel efficient trucks, and really it doesn’t matter if they are building hybrid diesel electric or all-electric, if they are traveling over 55 mph they need you to save “energy” not just fuel. And WHOOYAH! What about the China and India markets.

Should Douglas Fairburn worry about the oil companies shelving this technology? Ha ha ha, well come on Douglas, live for the challenge. We need to curb our appetite for oil, and transportation is a big chunk of it! Don’t worry, the oil industry will survive, they still have rail, shipping, personal cars, aviation, etc. Ha ha ha. Personally, I don’t give a darn about anything except winning, and to WIN, you must be efficient, waste is evil! As I watch this year’s Tour de France, I get it, aerodynamics matter! Douglas Fairburn is right – so go online and check out his website!

Meanwhile, let me leave the reader with these thoughts too: Air Channeler Concept is viable in many industries and subsectors, not just trucking – for instance;

Littoral Ships
Structures to divert high winds
Light Aircraft
Hurricane architecture.

Could We Change The Universal Channel Like A TV Channel?

Imagine you have a television remote that wasn’t just a television remote. What if this remote could also change the universal channel, and even switch to other dimensions. Don’t like this dimension? Sick of all the paperwork your boss keeps harassing you about? No problem, just switch over to another dimension. Even take a holiday there for a while, once you’ve had enough, just press a button and you’re back home in your own dimension. Brings a whole new meaning to the term “channel surfing” right?

Of course the reality of this awesome device would only be possible in the distant future. But scientists are already laying down the foundations to make this a reality, thanks to the fourth level of parallel universes and M-Theory.

This level of parallel universes and dimensions could exist in the same space and time as our own, there could be a lion sitting right where you are now, in another dimension of course. There could theoretically be an infinite number of the dimensions existing like layers on all around us. Hard to imagine? Think of your television, you can see and hear everything that’s on one channel because your television is tuned to that frequency. But that doesn’t mean the other channels no longer exist, they still exist and carry on as they always have, in the same space and time as the rest of the channels, you just aren’t tuned to any of them, and therefore cannot see them. So what if there possibly thousands of worlds around us, living breathing creatures, fireballs from a volcanic eruption, even an alien invasion happening all around you, but you’re just not tuned to that dimensions frequency? It’s a spectacular realisation with endless possibilities.

Physicists believe these extra dimensions and universes could actually exist, and they may be created by either quantum fluctuations, or by “Branes” Smashing together. These two concepts are incredibly complex in their own respects, and I won’t go into much detail. But for now lets just picture two pieces of paper, one on top of the other, separated by a few millimetres. These two pieces of paper are blowing around in the wind and eventually these two pieces of paper will collide in different areas. Now imagine these pieces of paper are each a parallel universes or “Branes”, and that each collision creates a new universe or Brane. This is a simplified explanation for this part of M-Theory.

So how can we tell if these extra dimensions really exist? Surprisingly scientists are using Quantum Mechanics, the study of some of the smallest imaginable particles, smaller than even atoms, to prove the existence of an entire universe.

The Quantum world is an indefinite and chaotic world full of all sorts of weird and wonderful particles, from electrons and protons, to all manner of unimaginably small objects. None of which seem to know what they’re doing. According to Quantum Mechanics, an electron, the particle that carries electricity, can be in two places at the same time. Other particles can appear out of nothing in one spot, then completely disappear into nothing and reappear out of nothing somewhere completely different. But lets just focus on those electrons for now.

An electron is described as being in many different places at once, in parallel states. Now, we know our whole universe was once smaller than an electron and if an electron can be in different places at once in parallel states, then the universe must also exists in many places at once in parallel states. Once you realize that, then you inevitably get parallel universes, there’s simply no other choice.

Scientists are currently trying to either confirm or disprove this theory using giant particle accelerators like the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, and the Tevatron Collider at Fermi-Lab. Using these massive scientific machines, they are trying to find the Gravition, the particle they believe is responsible for carrying gravity.

Gravity as we all know it, is what’s responsible for breaking our phones when we drop them. But gravity also serves a greater purpose, it holds the planets of our solar system in orbit around the sun, as well as the moon orbiting the Earth. It even keeps the entire milky way together. But in spite of all that, it’s actually an incredibly weak force. The simple action of lifting your pen off the desk has overcome the force of gravity. So why is gravity so weak? Scientists believe that gravity is so weak because gravitons are capable of jumping to other dimensions. So by using a particle accelerator to smash particles into each other at close to the speed of light, they are hoping to see the graviton go into the other dimension, or more specifically, not see it.

Surprisingly they hope to confirm the existence of the graviton, by never even seeing it. It’s actually a simple method of looking for something based on th concept that if all other possibilities have been exhausted, whatever is left must be the answer, no matter how implausible it may be. The theory states that if they smash a Proton and an Anti-Proton together, they will create an intense ball of energy, within which particles will come from the remains of the protons. These particles however only live for billionths and even trillionths of a second. But scientists don’t think they’ll ever actually see the graviton, because it would have already escaped to another dimension at the exact moment of the impact.

So how can we prove the existence of something we can never see? In order to answer this question, scientists are hoping to put these particle collisions back together, and if there’s any unexplained or missing energy once its all back together, that would most likely be the missing graviton. The logic behind it is that at the very instant of the collision, the graviton will escape to another dimension, and therefore will not be detected by the equipment. Its like getting a jigsaw puzzle with a missing piece, except in this case, a missing piece is what you want.

If the scientists at the particle colliders can find (or should I say lose) these gravitons, it may very well confirm the theory that we are surrounded by extra dimensions and universes. Of course there is a lot more work to be done before such a radical theory could be confirmed. But if it ever is, it would bring about massive changes to how we perceive the world around us. But could we ever travel to these extra dimensions and universes. It may be possible if we could focus enough energy at a single point in space, to tear a hole in space itself and create a wormhole to a parallel universe, or perhaps we could change our tuning to that of the other dimension’s frequency? unfortunately no-one really knows, there are theories and models both for an against this idea, but with the advances in modern physics, science is seriously considering the possibility of extra dimensions and Parallel Universes.

Travel Channel – The World at Your Fingertips Through Satellite TV

Travelling the world is something most everyone dreams about. Distant, far off exotic locations, tropical paradises, obscure villages in Borneo, fantastic glaciers in Patagonia, Norwegian fjords, Balinese beaches and South American pampas are just some of the alluring destinations that dazzle our minds. However, the economy being what it is, and the fact that travel has never really been that cheap, many of us are left standing idly by the sidelines. While the jetsetters rush off on their private planes equipped with HD screens the size of your kitchen window and private bars, we common folk must find some other ways to indulge in our wanderlust. Satellite TV is a great way to travel without going anywhere. You can get a taste of Tuscany or see the sights of Seville without having to spend a dollar or get on a plane. Simply tune up the satellite TV system and click on the Travel Channel, there the world is at your fingertips. Don’t miss out on these great programs.

Anthony Bourdain-No Reservations: This show, starring the one and only Anthony Bourdain, chef and traveler extraordinaire gives you a glimpse at not just foreign lands, but also at local cuisine. It’s a two in one treat really. Follow the unconventional chef as he heads off to the Azores or as he gets caught in the center of a Middle Eastern conflict. Don’t miss out.

Art Attack: So you love art, but just don’t have the cash to jet off and tour all the museums in the world-we’re not all highly paid sports stars or financiers after all; well, at least you can see your favorite works of art via satellite TV with Art Attack. The show takes you to some of the coolest art galleries around. Follow host Lee Sandstead as he explores iconic artworks and historical paintings and sculptures.

Bridget: Explore the world’s most beautiful beaches with one of the world’s prettiest faces-Bridget Marquardt, former play-bunny. Bridget has an infectious personality and there’s no experience that’s too intimidating for her. She’ll dive off a cliff and eat fried bugs. Catch all of this in splendid HD detail.

Forbes Luxe 11: This program takes you on tour of the most affluent escapes in the world. This is the stuff you dream about. Vicariously jet off to Scotland to enjoy a round of golf, join the high rollers in Sin City, or take a cruise around the French Riviera. It’s all there waiting for you.

Samantha Brown: Do you want to know about the best weekend getaways? Then join host Samantha Brown as she explores quaint, off the road locations around the US for the perfect weekend escape.

China: Here’s a show dedicated to the great country we call China. You will get inside glimpses into China’s high-rise cities and its most rural villages. The show will take you to all the best hotels, restaurants and shopping areas.

Mark and Olly-Living with the Machigenga: Two friends travel to the Peruvian Amazon to live with the Machigenga, a small and remote tribe that lives from the river.

Live a Travel Channel Life – 5 Tips For Global Nomads

There is a growing number of people around the world throwing their cares to the wind, quitting their jobs, and making a new life for themselves on the open road traveling from country to country. Whether you are making an all-out lifestyle change or easing into it a little at a time, there are tricks and techniques for doing it right.

To life like a star of the travel channel, try these 5 tips:

Tip #1: Carry only the essentials from country to country:
When you embark on your journey, you may find yourself packing two nice, big suitcase full of clothes and goodies from REI. Hint: try narrowing your luggage down to what will fit in a backpack or a single suitcase. Either way, as you travel from country to country, you will notice that your list of essentials grows shorter. All you really need is a bit of cash or travelers checks, your passport, maybe a good travel guide and a couple changes of clothing.

Tip #2: Buy cheap:
If you are going to make a life or significant hobby out of living the travel channel life, you need to learn the insider secrets to buying cheap airfare. Do the research ahead of time. For you, airfare will become as significant an expense as is a mortgage and car payment for your more sedentary friends and family. Do your homework now and save thousands and thousands down the road.

Tip #3: Know the best countries to visit for saving your cash:
As you can imagine, the cost of traveling and living in the various countries of the world differs dramatically from country to country. If you are planning to life for months or years away from home, plan your global route according to your budget. For example, if you are planning to travel Asia, visit South and Southeast Asian (e.g., India, Thailand, and Vietnam) when you are low on cash. If you just made a withdrawal from the bank account in your native country or got a paycheck from your online business, head to East Asia (e.g., Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan) to see the sites there. The same pattern applies in the Americas, Africa, and Europe as well.

Tip #4: Double up when you can:
If you are traveling along, you will find that it is usually very easy to meet people on the road. When you do have the opportunity to meet up with someone you can trust with whom you can share accommodations or even a taxi ride to the airport, I highly suggest doing so. At the same time, you will need to say goodbye to these travel bodies not infrequently, so be big enough to say “I have to go my own way now” then the time comes.

Tip #5: Use Internet cafes to maintain a travel blog:
Traveling this big world can be pretty lonely sometimes. A great option that global travelers have today that was not there even a few years ago is to keep a travel blog. Your regular entries of text and (when possible) photos will give you a sense of continuity and will give your friends and family back home a much better sense of what is going on with you as you have the time of your life.

To live a travel channel life, make sure you educate yourself about how to buy cheap airfare and accommodations. Be sure to pack only the essentials and educate yourself ahead of time about which countries will be cheaper to live in. And, take advantage of the Internet to keep yourself centered and your family and friends up to date.